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Previously known as Ideal Lanes, this has been a family owned business for over 70 years. Purchase in 2013 by Cindy, she is currently adding a new look, a little "TLC",  and many updates  to make this a kid - friendly, family place to go. I have grown up in this Center since I was 5 years old. I have witnessed a lot of changes over the years. I can remember the days of all 38 lanes being used at 6:30 and 9pm. A lot of people didn't think it was a good place for children to be, but I turned out ok and raised 4 children in a bowling center and now 8 grandchildren. I always believed that if kids were inside the Bowling Center, it was keeping them off the streets and I always new I was safe in here. League bowling may not be what it use to be, but it still is a form of entertainment, whether it be families, Church, school, work or any kind of gathering. Thank you for all your support!! We made it through COVID but have a long way to go to get back to our NORMAL!!

Interested in Pool or darts we may have a spot for you!

Tues- darts

Mon & Wed - Pool

Hours:    CALL for the SPRING & SUMMER hours they are different from fall & winter hours!

Call to book anyday or evening for your EVENT - on closed days we will open for 25 people or more)

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