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Ron DeHaas

  • 30 Years -UE High School & Jr Bowling Coach also help with

  • M-E  school program
  • Member Endicott Bowling Association Hall of Fame

  • Certified Levels 1 and 2 USBC Coaching

Tim MacNorton

  • Has lived in Endicott over 40 years

  • Has coached Juniors and Seniors for 15 years

  • Attended coaching school in 2005 and started coaching at Ideal shortly there after

Karen Van Vorce

  • Has lived Apalachin for 31 years

  • Has bowled for 45 years

  • Has coached Pee Wees (3-5 year olds)  and Bantams (5-10 year olds) for the last 16 years

  • Attended a coaching seminar in 2012

Sarah Lee

  • Bowling for 35 years

  • Native of Endwell/Endicott area 

  • Father was also a junior bowling coach, and got her started in the sport of bowling

  • Coaching preps, Town of Union Bumpers and Instructional for 10years

  • Attended a coaching seminar in 2012

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